What is sound design?

If you found this site on purpose, then you probably know what sound design is. Sound design is the name of every sound producing techniques and equipment that we can achieve the desired sound with. The result can be done with foley studio recording, using a modified, already existing sound database or via completely artificial sounds. Or their mix. One of my passions is sound design, I can do everything the above mentioned.

sound design




Sound FX

These are sounds made during the sound design phase, such as the sound of a step, message notification sound or a monster screaming. Or even a distorted sound, for example, a voice was recorded at the studio, but we can manipulate the sound to be different (like it was recorded in a church, a cave, the bottom of a bucket, just to name a few... :D), the sounds of special creatures, robots or other effects (like modifying the speed of the voice, or effects known from radio imaging). I’ve gained immense experience in producing the sounds for short movies, animation films, advertisements and other video materials. I have access to the programs, tools, sound libraries and plug-ins used in Hollywood and the video game industry, which means that I can confidently recommend myself to do the following:

commercial sound design

Sound FX is needed for advertisement animations and for the characters’ voices in order to make it seem even more real. Advertisement movies need extra sounds to spice it up a bit.

Videogame, app sounds

Mixed sound effects and distorted voices are the most common here. I’ve had the pleasure of working with companies like Sony (PS4), Ubisoft, Midway, CD Projekt RED, Epic Games, Focus Home Entertainment, but I’ve also worked with smaller studios like X-Real Games or Kinderapp. If needed, I can cooperate with the developer team with softwares like Nuendo 10, Unity or Wwise.

Corporate video sound effects

The recorded or animated company movie, product presentation or startup film usually need post-production sound FX.

Radio imaging, DJ drop FX

Radio station voice spots, sweepers, DJ drop effects (and voice recordings) with state of the art equipments.

Animation sound effects, foley

Sci-fi, modern, medieval, world war, fantasy… It doesn’t matter what the animation film is about, all of them give me great joy as an artist (let it be foley or sound design).


Not just an audio file...

What does full sound service mean?

With the help of my sound studio I not only produce the necessary sound effects, but can record the voiceovers needed for the effects. I can provide you with a final soundtrack, which has the voiceover, music and post-production sounds. I have experience as a sound engineer as well, so if you need the audio in specific loudness standards (EBU, Sony, iTunes, etc.), then I can deliver it for you as well. I provide a full service from the beginning until the final mixing.

Do you need more voice actors for the recording?

Sometimes a voiceover job needs more voices. Thanks to my connections in the dubbing profession, I can invite the best actors to achieve success. The voice’s age doesn’t matter, we can find children with great singing skills and the oldest professionals  as well!

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